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The Ultimate iPhone Experience: Discover the iPhone 15 Series

Apple is expected to offer four iPhone 15 series models – two with 6.1-inch OLED screens and two with 6.7-inch OLED screens. These are expected to retain the same dimensions as the current range.

According to CAD renders published by MacRumors, the Pro models of the new iPhone will feature Dynamic Islands positioned beneath the screen rather than above it like on the iPhone 14 series.


Camera specs have become one of the biggest differentiators between flagship smartphones, and Apple is expected to make a major leap in this area with its iPhone 15 series. Several key upgrades are expected, including a new 48-megapixel sensor and a periscope lens for better zoom photography.

The new camera upgrade could be available for all iPhone 15 models, according to MacRumors quoting analyst Jeff Pu. The regular iPhones may not have a three-stacked camera system like the Pro models, but they should benefit from a more advanced 48-megapixel image sensor made by Sony.

The new camera upgrade will give the iPhones a higher level of detail and more color information to work with. This will help the phones tackle things such as low-light photos and backlit selfies better than before, as well as allowing for more cropping options without degrading the photo quality. The sensor could also enable the phones to capture more light, potentially reducing overexposure in bright conditions and helping to combat underexposure in dark ones.

Photographic Styles

Apple has added some cool new features to its iPhone cameras this year. One of those is called Photographic Styles, which are basically like camera filters but they apply to all photos that you capture in the future.

The styles available include Standard, Rich Contrast, Vibrant, and Warm. In these examples, you can see that Standard looks a bit flat and washed out while Rich Contrast gives the rocks a more dramatic look and Vibrant adds a nice pop to the neon lights in this scene from Cars Land at Disney California Adventure Park.

You can access these styles by swiping up in the viewfinder or tapping the arrow button in the Camera app before you snap your photo. You can also choose a Photographic Style in Settings, and it will apply to all of your photos in the Camera app. Once you set a Photographic Style, though, it can’t be changed once the photo is taken.

Software Updates

Apple’s operating systems often get incremental updates that aren’t directly tied to the hardware and may only affect specific functions. For example, iOS 17 rolled out this autumn with features like Check In to notify friends when you’re home and Posters that appear in your screen when your friends call or text. It also added swearing to autocorrect and a feature that turns your phone into a smart home display when it’s charging.

In addition, a software update could help you use the new USB-C port on your iPhone 15 series. A rumor from anonymous analyst 941 (via MacRumors) suggests that the Pro models will have Thunderbolt 3 support, which offers 40Gbps data transfer speeds.

The non-Pro models will probably stick with the same squared-off redesign that rolled out with the iPhone 12. And finally, a report from Ming-Chi Kuo states that the new ports will dt iphone 15 only work with Lightning accessories certified under the Made for iPhone program, which allows Apple to control and test compatibility.

iCloud Backup

Aside from storing photos and videos on your iPhone, iCloud backup also backs up Messages, Visual Voicemail passwords, Voice Memos recordings, Bookmarks in Safari, and even your Health data. With these features, you can recover all your digital data if you lose your iPhone or accidentally erase it.

iCloud Backup can be used for Wi-Fi or cellular connection, depending on your preference. However, you should avoid using this feature on metered connections since it can consume your network limit quickly. This may lead to extra charges you would have to pay for if you go over your preset limit.

In addition, you should also make sure that your iCloud storage is free if you’re considering using this feature. You can check your iCloud storage by going to Settings, tapping your name, and then selecting iCloud Storage. If you have too little space, you can clear out old backups to free up more. If you still don’t have enough space, you can always buy more iCloud storage.